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Healthy Hub Grand Opening

Photo Credit: Savannah Morning News

The Healthy Savannah health equity design project under the CDC REACH Grant was finished in Fall 2020. There was a lot of excitement from the community about the potential for more little Healthy Hubs around Savannah. This first hub was placed next to a bike/walk trail that is a part of a long-term plan to connected all of Savannah with safe people powered mobility paths called Tide to Town.

Photo Credit: Healthy Savannah
Photo Credit: Healthy Savannah

Articles about the grand opening:
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Ellie’s Garden Continues to Grow after 10 years

Some of the founding members & officers

I helped found Ellie’s Garden at UC San Diego back in 2011. Ellie’s Garden continues on and was recently featured in a KPBS mini documentary (start watching at 15:15) along with other UCSD gardens (one of which was partly inspired by Ellie’s Garden: Torrey Pines). Ellie’s Garden was the second community garden on campus, but now there are many. The original biodigester design stationed at Rogers Garden–the final version shown in the video–was funded by a The Green Initiative Fund Grant (TGIF) grant while I was on the allocation committee as a part of the Student Sustainability Collective. I advocated to fund the project was green energy source and sustainable fertilizer resource for campus.

Compost Pilot Grant Awarded!

Graphic Design by Lara Isaacson
Some of the Net Impact Officers at a

As the President of SCAD Net Impact, I wrote a compost pilot proposal for the university in partnership with SCAD Back 40 (an organic farm), Bon Appetit (dining services), and the Design for Sustainability Department. We posted on social media, receiving over 3K likes (votes) for our pilot and were awarded one of the Bon Appetit Student Activist Grants!

Film Set Sustainability Ripple Effects

After being hired by Lincoln Street Studios, I created a reusable water bottle system that continues today. The cast and crew were enthusiastic and grateful to see a less wasteful to run set. A wardrobe designer, Danielle Woods, who frequently works with Lincoln Street Studios, mentioned appreciation for the water bottle system in an interview.

Biking Local for Systemic Change

Bike Valet at Savannah Earth Day

In an article for a local Savannah, GA newspaper: Connect in the News Cycle Column (written by the former director of Bike Walk Savannah), I was quoted encouraging college students to get involved with local organizations stating, “In a big city you are often one of thousands of volunteers. Although that is still important work, in Savannah you can be an integral part of a team, supporting meaningful change. The team knows you and values your work.” At the community level change is potent and one voice has sway. I believe it is important people know the powerful individual impact they can have even in a small city.

Sunlit Shines in Local Coffee Shop

Art’s Cafe, project featuring

The Sunlit project has been featured in at the entrance of the Gulfstream Center for Design building as well as in Art’s Cafe in the Center of downtown Savannah, GA.

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