Film Set Sustainability

I was hired by Lincoln Street Studios to help match the theme of The Fetch, a short fictional dystopian film about drought, the production. With water scarcity in California in mind, I helped shape the craft services which typically leave film sets heaps of landfill waste.

I created a system to provide jugs of water on our desert-like set and created an email flyer prompting everyone to bring their own reusable water bottle. Anyone who forgot was given a loaner water bottle.

We also provided healthier, fresh, and less packaged snacks and compostable dishware for meals. At the end, all compostable waste was composted, and recyclable waste sent off for recycling.

The cast and crew were enthusiastic and grateful to see a less wasteful to run set. Years later, Lincoln Street Studios still uses the reusable water bottle system on set. The wardrobe designer for the Fetch, Danielle Woods, even mentioned appreciation for the water bottle system in a recent interview.

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