Potty Training in the Presidio

Based on projects at some of the University of California, Berkeley’s labs and a custom for spreading event information at my alma mater, I devised a graphic design based sustainability outreach program for the offices at the Presidio Trust. While an intern at this organization, I was given the liberty to create educational flyers that would hang on the inside of bathroom stall doors, above urinals, and in the breaks rooms of our internal offices. I created a few dozen flyers in total (though only four of my favorites are included here).

Each flyer has Presidio-specific information and sustainability tips or facts in bite-size chunks. They cover a wide-range of environmental topics, from water to energy to waste reduction. Due to budget limitations, I utilized a free software, called GIMP, that mimics Photoshop’s functions to layout each deliverable. I also used leftover paper from a previous project and kept the flyers small (a bit less than half of letter size), so as not to be unsustainable while doing sustainable outreach. This project was piloted in a building with about 100 people working in it.

As I would go through the halls, switching out the flyers, people started to mention to me that they looked forward to seeing which one would be next. One of our Sign Shop staff even stole a couple of the ‘Potty Training’ flyers that he enjoyed to place on his desk.

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